look to south (direction to Italy)

August NAC 2014 - 2m

term: 5.8.2014, hill Krechor (333 m ASL),OK1FEN/P JO70NA

I arrived on hill later and mounting of antenna and mass building took more time than obviously. I used another place on hill, because I found surprisingly good opening to Italy in last contest. One and half hour after contest begin I started with QSO to Italy (SSB, weak but fully readable signal). I did 4 strong near stations which was on band and tried to call next I station. It takes 20 minutes on CW, but with finished QSO. Next half an hour i tried to call next two stations from Italy (result=NIL). So one hour before end of contest I had only one QSO with nordic station. During this hour I did 3 more (next 2 NIL) and few distant SP stations (2 NIL).In last minute I finished QSO with DL.
Conditions I evaluate like normal with slow fall down. In the middle of contest fell rain, but only 10 minutes.

done stations:
I4YRW 683
OZ2AR 675
SK7MW 614
SK7CY 608
OZ2ELA 595
IZ3VTH 543
SP1LOI 405
SQ1FYB 371
SO3Z 294
DL6MFK 284
SP6TRX 192
OK1VBN 126
SP6HED 124
OK1FC 78
done stations

Called without QSO:
OZ9KY 752
IQ2LS 742
SM7DTE 619
IV3CYT 595
OE5RBO 543
SP???? 465
listened (and called) stations

arrival to hill setup of anchor lenghts for mass preparation to build of mass with antenna as one-man-show
antenna has been mounted onto mass so it can grow up prepared for transmition

Robert OK1FEN

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