June NAC 2014 - 70cm

term: 10.6.2014, hill Krechor (333 m ASL),OK1FEN/P JO70NA

Before this contest I definitely chucked in reprogramming my automatic CW CQ to OK1FEN/P into an application. In the end I decided to resort to an HW solution of SW problems. I soldered out the chip with OK1FEN, soldered in a socket and insert a new chip with a new program. On the table it worked right.

Unfortunately I had to stay at work half an hour longer before the contest and I missed train from Prague. So I was an hour late than obviously.
The mast assembly with an antenna I finished one hour after the contest had begun. I tuned through the whole SSB part of band, but I heard only noise and a few whistles. I checked interconnection and replaced the koax cable but without any effect. After half an hour of tuning I heard the first station SM7?? in JO76RC = 677 km. Since that I was sure my RX works. I made my first QSO an hour later with SK7MW, but I heard them so bad that I did use CW.
The Second and last longer QSO was with SP2DDV (397 km). My last QSO was local with OK1TEH, when he tried to make connection with OZ1DLD/p. I received whole code for 1TEH, but Matej was not and when I tried to call OZ1DLD/p, conditions fell down.

Due to Hepburn forecast I expected better conditions, butunfortunately the reality was worse.
I heard these stations or LOC: SM7?? JO76RC, DL0VV JO64AD, SP6IW?, JO80HK, OZ1DLD/p JO45SK, maybe even SP1JNY
My automatic CW CQ in the contest didn't work.

Robert OK1FEN

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